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    My career here can be described in one word: searching. I was really looking for something, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. After the Engineering Race competition results were announced, I was contacted by an HR person who eventually hired me as a C++ tester. We tested the Siemens scada system (this platform is also used by the TIA Portal), which was responsible for the safety of the factories, among other things. That is why it happened that the same number of testers worked on the system as developers. It was exciting to see the development of such a complex test system. I learned a lot about joint work with foreigners and agile work organization methodologies. That’s when the porting of our project to Linux started, which the Hungarian development team managed. I transferred to the team starting here after half a year. Here, in a team of three people, we achieved all the set goals, when I continued to rotate to the eCar team, where I wanted to get closer to embedded systems again. This is where I realized that I won’t find what I am looking for at Evosoft.
    In addition to my main projects, I also participated in two very exciting “side projects”. One was education in Dunaújváros, which I wrote about separately, and the other was a jukebox made for Girls’ Day, which we converted from old floppy players. With this, the Scada system demonstrated its operation. I designed the architecture of the system, I wrote the firmware alone, and I was also responsible for the wiring – here is a small video about it.